Design & Creative technology for compelling experiences.

I studied Industrial Design at RISD, with a minor in Social Sciences, now I work as a senior creative technologist – that is somewhere between a designer and a programmer – at Tellart. My work at Tellart is to bridge the gap between this two worlds – as designer I help research and implement novel user experiences while being able to validate them from a technical point of view, as senior technologist, I work with hardware and software to construct and actualise clients' visions, while promoting best practices among our team.

Outside of work, I find myself thinking – a lot – about jigs. They are foundational by definition, everything that come after will depend on the tough, quality and care place in the jig. They can be hardware based, digital or even social. It is not the medium or complexity that makes them good, it's fore-thought and with enough diligence they can not only make good products but create habits.

Fer D Smith