Design & Creative technology for compelling experiences.

As a graduate of the Industrial Design program at RISD, with a minor in Social Sciences, I have a unique perspective on design and technology. My current role as a Senior Creative Technologist at Tellart allows me to combine my design and technical skills to create novel user experiences and implement clients' visions.

In my work at Tellart, I strive to bridge the gap between design and technology. As a designer, I conduct research and develop user experience concepts, while also considering their technical feasibility. As a technologist, I have expertise in both hardware and software development, and I work to ensure that our team follows best practices in these areas.

Outside of work, I am passionate about jigs - the fundamental tools that support and guide the creation of products and habits. Whether they are hardware-based, digital, or social, I believe that careful planning and attention to detail are key to creating effective jigs. It is this focus on the underlying foundations that sets my work apart.

Fer D Smith